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Managed Print Services (MPS) is the management of print devices with a specific design to reduce costs, secure data and handle documents by the strategic management of print information.


How much is print costing your business?

How many printers are in your business?

How many different consumables have you paid for?

What does each printer cost to run?

What is your print budget?


There are many benefits to our Managed Print Services - 

  • reduce & control printing costs 
  • consolidate & standardise print consumables, 
  • reduce waste, 
  • reduce green impact, 
  • improve ROI, 
  • print from a mobile platform, 
  • data security.


Brilliant Technologies provides each client with a tailored Service Plan that offers a variety of options to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Choose from our different offerings based on what suits your financial model:


Cost Per Copy Plan

Includes your service and toner at an agreed upon per copy rate, you’re only billed for exactly what you use each month.  A perfect plan for a changing or fluctuating environment.



Copy Inclusive Plan

Also includes your service and toner, but is built into your monthly lease payment. This plan gives you a set number of prints per month, which rollover for the term of your lease! Giving you the convenience of one simple payment; great for structured accounting!



For more information on how our Managed Print offerings could help your business, please contact one of our Bussiness IT Consultants.


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